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Wilson Jones Columnar Pads


Ideal for setting up computer spreadsheet input. Green tint bond paper makes figures stand out. Brown and Green inks are reproducible. Three-hole side punched for convenient filing in ring binders. 50 sheets per pad.


Pfx, Number Description UPS Qty Price ORDER
WLJ G7202 PAD, 2-COLUMN, 11X8.5, GN   1.92/PD OUT OF STOCK
WLJ G7203 PAD, 3-COLUMN, 11X8.5, GN   2.50/PD OUT OF STOCK
WLJ G7204 PAD, 4-COLUMN, 11X8.5, GN   2.52/PD OUT OF STOCK
WLJ G7205 PAD, 5-COLUMN, 11X8.5, GN   2.05/PD
WLJ G7206 PAD, 6-COLUMN, 11X8.5, GN   2.50/PD OUT OF STOCK
WLJ G7208 PAD, 8-COLUMN, 11X8.5, GN   2.50/PD OUT OF STOCK
WLJ G7212 PAD, 12-COL, 11X16-3/8, GN   5.88/PD OUT OF STOCK
WLJ G7213 PAD, 13-COL, 11X16-3/8, GN   5.88/PD OUT OF STOCK
WLJ G7214 PAD, 14-COL, 11X16-3/8, GN   5.88/PD OUT OF STOCK
WLJ G7225 PAD, 25-COLUMN, 24.5X11, GN   14.32/PD OUT OF STOCK
Cross Reference
Part number Equivalent
WLJ G7202 WLJG7202A WLJ-G7202A WLJG7202 WLJ-G7202 078910772027 7891077202
WLJ G7203 WLJG7203A WLJ-G7203A WLJG7203 WLJ-G7203 078910772034 7891077203
WLJ G7204 WLJG7204A WLJ-G7204A WLJG7204 WLJ-G7204 078910772041 7891077204
WLJ G7205 WLJG7205 WLJ-G7205 078910772058 7891077205
WLJ G7206 WLJG7206A WLJ-G7206A WLJG7206 WLJ-G7206 078910772065 7891077206
WLJ G7208 WLJG7208A WLJ-G7208A WLJG7208 WLJ-G7208 078910772089 7891077208
WLJ G7212 WLJG7212A WLJ-G7212A WLJG7212 WLJ-G7212 078910772126 7891077212
WLJ G7213 WLJG7213A WLJ-G7213A WLJG7213 WLJ-G7213 078910772133 7891077213
WLJ G7214 WLJG7214 WLJ-G7214 078910772140 7891077214
WLJ G7225 WLJG7225 WLJ-G7225 078910772256 7891077225

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