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Survivor ® envelopes contain 25% post consumer recycled material. Perfect for sending bulky items such as computer reports, binders, etc. An ideal replacement for a box or carton.


Pfx, Number Description UPS Qty Price ORDER
QUA R4200 ENVL, TYVK, 10X13X1.5, PL, 1C   91.76/CT
QUA R4202 ENVL, TYVK, 10X13X1.5, PL, 25BX   29.47/BX
QUA R4210 ENVL, TYVK, 10X13X1.5, 1STCL, 1C   90.85/CT OUT OF STOCK
QUA R4290 ENVL, TYVEK, 12X16X2, PL, 1C   138.63/CT
QUA R4292 ENVL, TYVEK, 12X16X2, PLN, 25BX   44.97/BX
QUA R4300 ENVL, TYVEK, 12X16X2, 1ST, 1C   145.64/CT OUT OF STOCK
QUA R4500 ENVL, TYVK, OE10X13X1.5, PLN   74.97/CT
QUA R4510 ENVL, TYVK, OE10X13X1.5, 1ST   80.97/CT
QUA R4520 ENVL, TYVEK, 12X16X2, PLN, 1C   109.85/CT
Cross Reference
Part number Equivalent
QUA R4200 QUAR4200 QUA-R4200 047614142009 4761414200
QUA R4202 750-770-072 750770072 P2R4202 QUAR4202 QUA-R4202 047614142023 4761414202
QUA R4210 QUAR4210 QUA-R4210 047614142108 4761414210
QUA R4290 QUAR4290 QUA-R4290 047614142900 4761414290
QUA R4292 750-770-090 750770090 2010-7224 20107224 P2R4292 QUAR4292 QUA-R4292 047614142924 4761414292
QUA R4300 QUAR4300 QUA-R4300 047614143006 4761414300
QUA R4500 750-515-114 750515114 2010-7313 20107313 P2R4500 515-114 515114 QUAR4500 QUA-R4500 047614145000 4761414500
QUA R4510 750-515-221 750515221 2010-7322 20107322 P2R4510 515-221 515221 QUAR4510 QUA-R4510 047614145109 4761414510
QUA R4520 750-514-992 750514992 2010-7331 20107331 P2R4520 514-992 514992 QUAR4520 QUA-R4520 047614145208 4761414520

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