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Wilson Jones Print Won’t Stick D-Ring View Binders


Made from an exclusive material that resists toner transfer. Documents and printed materials can be safely stored in the pockets or glossy clear cover overlay without worry that print will lift off onto the binder ruining the document as well as the bind


Pfx, Number Description UPS Qty Price ORDER
WLJ 38614B BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 1", BK   4.43/EA
WLJ 38614W BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 1", WE   4.43/EA
WLJ 38634B BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 1.5", BK   5.74/EA
WLJ 38634W BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 1.5", WE   5.74/EA
WLJ 38644B BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 2", BK   6.80/EA
WLJ 38644W BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 2", WE   6.80/EA
WLJ 38649B BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 3", BK   9.19/EA
WLJ 38649W BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 3", WE   9.19/EA
WLJ 38650B BINDER, VIEW, D-RING, 5", BLACK   29.31/EA
WLJ 38650W BINDER, VIEW, D-RING, 5", WHITE   29.31/EA
WLJ 38654B BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 4", BK   14.22/EA
WLJ 38654W BINDER, VU, D/RG, LTR, 4", WE   14.22/EA
Cross Reference
Part number Equivalent
WLJ 38614B WLJ386-14B WLJ-386-14B WLJ38614B WLJ-38614B 078910386125 7891038612
WLJ 38614W WLJ386-14W WLJ-386-14W WLJ38614W WLJ-38614W 078910386118 7891038611
WLJ 38634B WLJ386-34B WLJ-386-34B WLJ38634B WLJ-38634B 078910386224 7891038622
WLJ 38634W WLJ386-34W WLJ-386-34W WLJ38634W WLJ-38634W 078910386217 7891038621
WLJ 38644B WLJ386-44B WLJ-386-44B WLJ38644B WLJ-38644B 078910386316 7891038631
WLJ 38644W WLJ386-44W WLJ-386-44W WLJ38644W WLJ-38644W 078910386323 7891038632
WLJ 38649B WLJ386-49B WLJ-386-49B WLJ38649B WLJ-38649B 078910386422 7891038642
WLJ 38649W WLJ386-49W WLJ-386-49W WLJ38649W WLJ-38649W 078910386415 7891038641
WLJ 38650B WLJ386-50B WLJ-386-50B WLJ38650B WLJ-38650B 078910386538 7891038653
WLJ 38650W WLJ386-50W WLJ-386-50W WLJ38650W WLJ-38650W 078910386507 7891038650
WLJ 38654B WLJ386-54B WLJ-386-54B WLJ38654B WLJ-38654B 078910386521 7891038652
WLJ 38654W WLJ386-54W WLJ-386-54W WLJ38654W WLJ-38654W 078910386514 7891038651

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