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The filing workhorse of law offices, accounting firms or anywhere bulky records need to be managed, these sturdy red rope pockets hold lots of material. Accordion pleat expands up to 5 1/4"; Tyvek ® reinforcement at top of sides make them virtually tear-


Pfx, Number Description UPS Qty Price ORDER
SMD 73214 POCKET, FILE, LTR, 1.75"EXP, RR   24.76/BX
SMD 73224 POCKET, FILE, LTR, 3.5"EXP, RR   28.53/BX
SMD 73234 POCKET, FILE, LTR, 5.25"EXP, RR   13.49/BX
SMD 74214 POCKET, FILE, LGL, 1.75"EXP, RR   29.54/BX
SMD 74224 POCKET, FILE, LGL, 3.5"EXP, RR   33.68/BX
SMD 74234 POCKET, FILE, LGL, 5.25"EXP, RR   15.53/BX
Cross Reference
Part number Equivalent
SMD 73214 SMD1514C SMD-1514C SMEAD1514C SMEAD-1514C ESS1514COX ESS-1514COX SMD73214 SMD-73214 086486732147 8648673214 ESS1514C-OX ESS-1514C-OX 078787151406 7878715140
SMD 73224 SMD1524E SMD-1524E SMEAD1524E SMEAD-1524E ESS1524EOX ESS-1524EOX UNV15343 UNV-15343 ESSE1524E ESS-E1524E SMD73224 SMD-73224 086486732246 8648673224 ESS1524E-OX ESS-1524E-OX 078787152434 7878715243 493213-B4 493213B4 750-937-102 750937102 937-102 937102
SMD 73234 UNV15262 UNV-15262 SMD1534G SMD-1534G SMEAD1534G SMEAD-1534G ESS1534GOX ESS-1534GOX ESSE1534G ESS-E1534G SMD73234 SMD-73234 086486732345 8648673234 ESS1534G-OX ESS-1534G-OX 078787153455 7878715345 493214-B4 493214B4 750-937-128 750937128 937-128 937128
SMD 74214 SMD1516C SMD-1516C SMEAD1516C SMEAD-1516C ESS1516COX ESS-1516COX UNV15242 UNV-15242 SMD74214 SMD-74214 086486742146 8648674214 ESS1516C-OX ESS-1516C-OX 078787151604 7878715160
SMD 74224 UNV15161 UNV-15161 SMD1526E SMD-1526E SMEAD1526E SMEAD-1526E ESS1526EOX ESS-1526EOX ESSE1526E ESS-E1526E SMD74224 SMD-74224 086486742245 8648674224 ESS1526E-OX ESS-1526E-OX 078787152632 7878715263 493309-B4 493309B4 750-937-110 750937110 937-110 937110
SMD 74234 UNV15363 UNV-15363 SMD1536G SMD-1536G SMEAD1536G SMEAD-1536G ESS1536GOX ESS-1536GOX ESSE1536G ESS-E1536G SMD74234 SMD-74234 086486742344 8648674234 ESS1536G-OX ESS-1536G-OX 078787153653 7878715365 493215-B4 493215B4 750-937-136 750937136 937-136 937136

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